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Video: Cable Congress 2013 – Caroline van Weede, Cable Europe

Caroline van Weede, Managing Director of Cable Europe, talks about digital growth in the cable industry and about regulatory issues.


Gary Lauder’s 2013 Cable Congress Keynote in London

Gary Lauder, MD, Lauder Partners LLC gaved a presentation on The Future of Cable: Sunny & Cloudy at Cable Congress 2013 in London.

Cable is faced with both opportunities and threats — even from the same technologies. The pace of technological change is – as it always has – increasing. In the past, technology change has been more of an opportunity than threat for operators, but this balance is shifting the other way. It is finally coming to the television market in ways that require the industry to adapt in ways that will be challenging.


Video: Cable Congress 2013 – Rosalia Portela, ONO

Spanish cable operator ONO can prosper despite the economic problems buffeting Spain, according to CEO Rosalia Portela.


Video: Cable Congress 2013 – Manuel Kohnstamm, Cable Europe

Manuel Kohnstamm, SVP and Chief Policy Officer of Liberty Global and President of Cable Europe talks about growth and changing consumer habits for cable customers.


Video: Cable Congress 2013 – Manuel Cubero, Kabel Deutschland

The blocking of its acquisition of Tele Columbus will enable Kabel Deutschland to bring forward investment plans, explains COO Manuel Cubero.


Video: Keynote Speech by Ed Vaizey #CC2013

Keynote Speech by Ed Vaizey, Executive Chairman, UK Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries at Cable Congress 2013 in London.

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