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Interview with Annet Aris

Annet ArisAhead of Cable Congress 2013 we are in conversation with Annet Aris, Board Kabel Deutschland, Sanoma, Adjunct Prof. INSEAD.

What stand out as some of cable’s priorities as we look at the state of the industry in 2013? Most European cable companies have now a unique window of opportunity, as their networks are further developed that that of their telco competition. This advantage will however not last forever as eventually both telco’s and new entrants start rolling out glass fibre networks. Cable companies should use their current advantage by continuously investing in their networks to make sure that they will be competitive also in the midterm , by rolling out their bundled offerings and thus intensifying their customer relationships and by investing in superior customer service so that churn will depend less on network capacity and price.

Can you tell us a bit about what the competitive landscape for the European cable industry looks like and how it has changed over the past few years? The cable industry is clearly consolidating with fewer and larger players offering better networks and profiting from skill and scale effects. Competition is increasingly about data and bundles, with not only telco’s as the new main competitors but also (global) over the top players, which profit from “the winner takes all” effects. The definition of what competition is, is shifting fast and incumbent players can either decide to fight each other for what is left of the “old” market or decide to try innovative alliances and thus strengthen their role vis-a vis the new entrants..

What sorts of strategies have you noticed cable executives adopting to stay ahead, especially where innovation is concerned? Most cable executives seem to be driven by the fear to become a “dumb pipe” dependent on the whiles of the regulator and have thus been investing in deepening their offering through content and services, either organically or through a portfolio of acquisitions. The results so far have been mixed and maybe cable companies should be more stringent about…


Annet Aris is joining Rosalia Portela of ONO, Dana Strong of UPC Ireland, Berit Svendsen of Telenor Norway and Miranda Curtis of Liberty Global in the Panel Discussion: View from the Top, moderated by a CNN news anchor, Nina Dos Santos. View the latest agenda here.

Interview with Dana Strong

Dana Strong CEO of UPC Ireland_2We are in conversation with Dana Strong, CEO of UPC Ireland ahead of Cable Congress 2013.

Is there anything that makes the Irish cable market stand out from others in the wider European market? What about the similarities? I am pleased to say that the Irish cable market has become a stand out in the Liberty Global family due to our recent extraordinary growth. We are currently topping the LGI charts in terms of growth – being the fastest growing company in the group in 2011 and second fastest in 2012. Our growth clearly demonstrates that Irish consumers and businesses have recognised the benefit of superfast broadband coupled with value based bundle pricing.

In regards to similarities, as with other markets in Europe, cable is leading the way for next generation broadband investment and driving broadband innovation, awareness and adoption.  In Ireland, UPC has been the leading investor and innovator in fixed Irish infrastructure over the past few years. We have invested €500M upgrading our network to world class standards, and this is contributing to national competitiveness and overall economic progress.  On foot of our investment, broadband adoption in Ireland has grown from 437,000 of the population in 2006 to 1.1million in 2012. We see this kind of trend all over Europe where cable innovation is driving more adoption as well as more investment right across the other industry sectors.

Can you tell us a bit about the importance of investing in next generation broadband to keep these positive trends on track? There is no doubt that network investments from cable operators across Europe provide a strong foundation for economic growth and recovery. We recently commissioned a study, The UPC Report on Ireland’s Digital Future (available at which covers digital trends across all consumers and businesses (not just UPC customers).  It identifies how Irish society and the economy are embracing the digital revolution and how our digital lives will evolve in the future.

The research shows the extraordinary impact that digital growth has on a local economy. At present, the internet economy accounts for roughly 3% of Irish GDP however, research shows that this is set to double to 6% or over €11B over the next four years. Using the Booz & Company Digitisation Index, the UPC Report estimates that this could translate into employment of 18,000 or more if Irish society and industry can keep pace with the digitisation levels of our EU neighbours and particularly our UK and Scandinavian counterparts.

Recent research by the McKinsey Global Institute examined the internet economies of G8 nations as well as those of Brazil, China, India, South Korea and Sweden. This study shows…



Dana Strong is joining Rosalia Portela of ONO, Annet Aris of Kabel Deutschland, Sanoma and Adjunct Prof. INSEAD, Berit Svendsen of Telenor Norway and Miranda Curtis of Liberty Global in the Panel Discussion: View from the Top, moderated by a CNN news anchor, Nina Dos Santos. View the latest agenda here.

What’s new for Cable Congress 2013?

Brand-New Features and Discussion Points for 2013

If you have attended Cable Congress in the past, you know what to expect: three days of strategy-rich presentations, panel sessions and interactive debate, the most notable thought-leaders in the industry sharing their opinions and predictions; plus the best networking opportunity of the year with access to other international key decision-makers across the industry.

In 2013, the Cable Congress experience gets even better as we bring new features and more discussion points to the programme. Here’s an exclusive sneak peak of the added twists to your delegate package:

Explore the latest experiences and pioneering approaches on growth-driven strategies, industry-burning issues and business opportunities from some of the most influential women in the C–Suite who represent leading cable companies.

A unique opportunity to witness an exclusive live interview with a world-renowned cable industry leader. Who could it be..?  What will we ask?

Technological progress underpins cable’s market advantage in providing a premium network to its customers who demand premium content. Cable’s ability to evolve ahead of market demand is built on DOCSIS, a technology standard which is currently undergoing an exciting evolution.

Social TV – one of the hottest aspects of today’s industry – is an emerging topic at Cable Congress. More and more content owners and advertisers are embracing the benefits to be gained from social TV engagement but there is so much more to learn. Discover how social TV viewing is already changing the television experience.

Home networks enabled by WiFi provide customers with a hands-on understanding of how vital wireless connections to high performance networks are. Come to learn more about the continued spread of WiFi into coffee shops, small and large businesses and even into public transport during the Olympics. Discussions on this wireless technology are a reminder of how cable has become an indispensable means of connectivity.

Facts & Figures about Cable Congress
Cable Congress is recognised as the leading event dedicated to the cable and media industries in Europe. It’s the annual opportunity for decision makers to connect and debate the latest developments in the fields of strategy, investment, technology, marketing, content and regulation.

With unrivalled speakers and attendance, Cable Congress is big on interactivity and networking opportunities and most of all it’s big on decision-making attendees. 850+ participants from over 35 countries attended in 2012, of which more than 50% were VP executives and above, and 19% from the C-Suite.

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