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A time to embrace change

The impact of the Internet has been so great that it’s hard not to blame some industries for feeling apprehensive about its onward march into our lives and businesses.

It is heartening then that the results of our 2012 Future of TV survey appear to paint a fairly optimistic picture about the outlook for the TV industry as it stands on the cusp of major change. A clear majority of the TV, telecoms and Internet executives who answered the survey predicted that overall subscription and advertising revenues would increase over the next five years or at least stay the same (see fig. 1).

Six out of 10 expect TV revenues to grow
Fig. 1: How do you think overall TV revenues will change over the next five years?

It soon becomes clear, however, that many in the industry believe that some players will fare better than others. Less than half of all respondents thought that IP-delivered video would have a positive impact on traditional TV businesses in the years up to 2017.

Dig a little deeper and you find the least amount of optimism for those most traditional of TV firms – the operators and broadcasters (see fig. 2). Relative new entrants to the TV world – the Apples, the Googles – scored the highest.


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