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The Cable Europe Awards: Less than 2 Weeks to Go

Cable Europe Awards 2013 logoLess than TWO WEEKS remaining until the Cable Europe Awards 2013 entry deadline. As a leader in the cable industry, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your exceptional work.

Categories include:

Cable Europe Fellow Award

This award recognizes the dedication and contribution of an individual to the European cable industry. We need your help in finding the person that stands out as a shining star in one of Cable Europe’s member companies. It’s time to turn the spotlight on that person who embodies what cable is about, who consistently delivers excellence and represents that special talent that is needed in the increasingly competitive European marketplace.

Cable Europe Innovation Award

We want to recognize an amazing project (product, service, technology, organisation, etc) that stands out as a bright spot in helping push cable innovation forward and stay ahead of the customer. Often these kind of ground breaking innovations are the result of a joint project between a cable operator and its partner (vendor, content provider, consultant, etc). The Cable Europe Innovation Award celebrates that shining example of innovation that keeps our industry vital.

Why get involved:

Being a Cable Congress Awards winner is a clear message of excellence, quality, innovation and leadership that will bolster your position in the eyes of your existing and prospective customers, partners, suppliers and competitors. Meet the 2012 Award Winner.

Nominate your company for an award here

The shortlist of nominees will be presented on Day One of Cable Congress, March 5th. The judges are attendees of Cable Congress who will vote for winners on site on the shortlist of nominees on Day Two of Cable Congress, March 6th.

Telenet outperforms expectations

TelenetBelgian cable operator Telenet said it achieved revenue growth of 8.2% for 2012, ahead of expectations of growth of between 7-8%. Adjusted EBITDA growth of 7.5% was also ahead of expectations, while accrued capital expenditure accounted for 23.7% of revenue ahead of expectations of 24-25%.

Telenet’s balance sheet at the end of the year included €906.3 million in cash and equivalents and debt of €3.843 billion.

Published by Digital TV Europe – Cable Congress 2013 Official Publication Partner

Telenet adds record number of triple play homes

Telenet has added 22,800 new triple play subscribers

Telenet has added 22,800 new triple play subscribers during the third quarter of the year, the highest net addition since Q4 2009. The Belgian operator also reports continued traction for its premium fixed products and bundles in Q3 2012, with 24,000 net new subscribers for broadband internet (+31% yoy), 28,600 for fixed telephony (+71% yoy) and 64,100 for digital TV (+48% yoy).

Revenue of €1,094.3 million in the first nine months of 2012, up 8% yoy, was driven by continued RGU growth, a growing contribution from the company’s mobile business, higher handset sales and selective price increases.  Revenue of €367.3 million achieved in Q3 2012, up 6% yoy, in line with the anticipated lower growth rate for the second half of 2012.

Record 65,500 net new mobile postpaid subscribers were achieved in Q3 2012 thanks to the successful launch of “King” and “Kong” rate plans, resulting in 340,900 active mobile subscribers at Q3 2012 quarter-end.


Become a Cable Congress Sponsor…

Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities Now Open

Following the huge success of Cable Congress 2012 which attracted over 850 senior-ranking delegates from over 35 countries representing the cable, content, technology and new media industries, we are delighted to open sponsorship and exhibition opportunities for 2013!

With Cable Congress attracting such a high-level of attendees each year, perception is everything. The Cable Congress team have a number of exclusive-to-one-brand sponsorship opportunities that guarantee maximum visibility and truly separate your brand from the competition.

Below is a list of just some of the sponsorship opportunities currently available:

  • Cable Congress Café Sponsorship
  • Espresso Sponsorship
  • Day 2 Drinks Reception
  • Delegate Networking Tool Sponsor
  • Internet Café Sponsorship
  • Speaker Lounge Sponsorship …


Post by Jan de Grave, VP Corporate Office & Sustainability, Telenet

Sustainability at Telenet: a LEAP of faith

Telenet’s admission in 2011 to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) could yet turn out to be a watershed moment for the cable industry. You can think of sustainability as a feel-good issuethat you can support when it’s convenient to do so. Or you can think of it as the emerging context in which business must operate, and embrace the challenges and opportunities it brings.

What are we doing to achieve our mission? Our specially-constructed sustainability programme, LEAP (it stands for Linking Environment and Profit) focuses on three core areas of activity: Connect, Care and Cascade. Connect means making our services available to the best of our ability to all customers including the underprivileged. Instrumental in this approach is our Telenet Foundation that supports ICT programs at schools and hospitals. Care means that Telenet is actively caring for its direct environment and employees.  Finally the Cascade area of activites is representing the efforts of Telenet in the field of helping others with better application of our services. The LEAP program has three key objectives that are to be achieved by 2015:


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