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Post by Jan de Grave, VP Corporate Office & Sustainability, Telenet

Sustainability at Telenet: a LEAP of faith

Telenet’s admission in 2011 to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) could yet turn out to be a watershed moment for the cable industry. You can think of sustainability as a feel-good issuethat you can support when it’s convenient to do so. Or you can think of it as the emerging context in which business must operate, and embrace the challenges and opportunities it brings.

What are we doing to achieve our mission? Our specially-constructed sustainability programme, LEAP (it stands for Linking Environment and Profit) focuses on three core areas of activity: Connect, Care and Cascade. Connect means making our services available to the best of our ability to all customers including the underprivileged. Instrumental in this approach is our Telenet Foundation that supports ICT programs at schools and hospitals. Care means that Telenet is actively caring for its direct environment and employees.  Finally the Cascade area of activites is representing the efforts of Telenet in the field of helping others with better application of our services. The LEAP program has three key objectives that are to be achieved by 2015:


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