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Meet the speaker: Dr. Ken Morse of Cisco Systems

Meet the speaker: Dr. Ken Morse, CTO, Connected Devices, Cisco Systems

ken morseDuring the more than 32 years Dr. Ken Morse has been involved in software and hardware development, he has co-founded four companies in the digital video and entertainment space. In his current role as CTO, Connected Devices, Dr. Morse is responsible for ensuring that the company maintains its digital video, data and voice leadership position by driving the embracement of new technologies, architectures and product categories for in-home service provider devices . Prior to this role he was CTO for SP Video Technology Group.

Ken will be speaking at the Cable Congress 2014 event taking place in Amsterdam on 12-14 March 2014. For more information on how to register, please click here.

Innovation in technology is focused on delivering for the end user. What are some of the biggest technology advances driving new and better services for the consumer?

Ken Morse: We are seeing continued developments with Cloud. The cloud is good at delivering new services that consumers care about on all types of devices, no matter where they are. Operators are using cloud to collapse linear on-demand recorded content, to offer unified search & recommendations that help subscribers search what is relevant for them.

The industry is working to provide consumers with other means for consuming content on a variety of consumer electronics devices or “companion devices,” that enhance the experience on the main TV. Tablets and smartphones are being used as remote controls, synching content from the tablets and smartphones with the main TV, to create the ultimate immersive experience.

What are some of the biggest technology advances that the average consumer may not notice?

KM: Home networking device management is a big technology advancement that consumers won’t notice if it is doing its job. If the wireless is working, subscribers are happy and they don’t think about it. Behind the curtain, we have (Cisco Prime Home) software that is managing the QoS into the home and the end-to-end network to keep things running smoothly. There are also big advancements in silicon today, which is in set-top boxes and home gateway devices. The silicon has evolved to give better experiences at lower cost points for operators.

How is cable using technology to differentiate itself in the marketplace?

KM: There is a lot of progress with cloud software. Cloud powered services driven by software offer operators the benefits of a scalable, “always on” two-way network that lends itself to differentiation. Cloud software is helping operators deliver the largest breadth of HD services and VoD libraries, accessible from multiple devices.

How is the next generation video experience evolving?

KM: In the past, what we used to call the “nice to have”, is now table stakes: any time anywhere content. It is now all about differentiating the true user experience. Giving people fast access to the content that is most meaningful to them, and access to things they wouldn’t have found easily otherwise.

How does an organization like Cisco embed tech innovation into its culture?

KM: Cisco avidly fosters the creation of new ideas & innovation internally. The company has an established process for internal engineers to submit new ideas and seek funding for experiments to come to fruition. Cisco’s “New Initiatives Group” within the Service Provider Video organization allows engineers to play with prototypes and new technologies and services on a 3-5 year horizon, encouraging innovation ahead of the curve.

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