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IBC 2012: Taking care of business – Part 2

TeliaSonera’s Smart TV takeover
Informa has long mooted the benefits of operator and Smart TV partnerships, and at IBC, TeliaSonera and Samsung showcased what they described as the first fully-fledged IPTV service to launch on a Smart TV.

Fully-fledged was perhaps pushing it a little but the service did offer most of the core features of a Pay TV service, including a network DVR for some (but, for rights reasons, not all) channels. One key feature is the ability, after the TeliaSonera app is downloaded to the TV, for consumers to select the TeliaSonera interface as the default UI for the TV. It even appears as an option in the list of inputs on the device, alongside HDMI, USB, et al. This is a win for everyone. It’s much easier for consumers, and operators, who have always expressed concerned about appearing next to their competitors on Smart TVs, will be delighted. It’s also an intriguing sign of Samsung’s strategy in the area. Smart TV manufacturers are heavily criticised for trying to over-exert their own influence on the way users use those devices, so Samsung’s ceding of this territory is very telling.

Social TV – the post-Zeebox wave
All vendors were keen to share their visions for how best to create content and experiences for the companion screen. While it’s easy to be cynical about bandwagon-jumping, Zeebox’s approach is only one of many, and there are lot of other ways the second screen can be used.


Accedo and NDS launch set-top app partnership

Interactive TV company Accedo has partnered with NDS to launch a new solution that enables service providers to develop set-top-box apps and widgets.

The solution will enable pay TV operators to launch their own app store, manage application lifecycle, contextualise content and monetise apps through a connected set-top-box. It lets operators author apps with an open Software Developer Kit (SDK), and enables smooth rendering of apps through an HTML browser integrated with NDS’ MediaHighway set-top-box software.

The solution uses Accedo’s management platform, Accedo Application Sphere, which provides a customisable front-end user interface with multiple existing applications, as well as a back-end system.


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