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Enabling Multiscreen TV – with DLNA

With the emergence of connected devices in the past years, the home network is now a reality.

Consumers now expect all their devices to be able to discover the home network, talk to each other and share content and they’re no longer prepared to put up with the old boundaries that handicapped their freedom to access content and applications. Consumers, the cable industry and its stakeholder partners now understand that this migration towards far more promiscuous models of content and device interaction is inevitable – and perhaps even desirable. And consumers don’t just want to share video – they also want to share experiences and opinions too. There has been an explosion not just in consumer devices and applications but also an increasing overlap between their functions. Mobile phones have high quality cameras, while cameras themselves can be directly linked to a wireless printer. Gaming consoles play DVDs, while Connected TVs merge the Web with traditional broadcast media models.

While many homes may already be using these new devices to connect with new sources of entertainment, information, games and applications, we’re really only scratching the surface of these capabilities. This is where communications service providers, broadcasters and content owners, and software, hardware and consumer electronics vendors have a chance to really delight and entertain their customers. Making cable operators more able to extend the reach of their brands and launch new revenue generating services and enhance existing advertising models, but the flip-side is that new market entrants, such as OTT providers, are also now able to enter the market and disrupt existing business models.


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