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Cable delivers “Connected TV”

Cable Europe welcomes the European Commission’s interest on “Connected TV”

Connected TV is already a reality for many consumers using cable television and other platforms. With modern television sets and other devices now becoming increasingly connected to the internet, more offers are made available to consumers. This drives innovation and viewers’ habits and expectations are changing at a rapid pace as they consume content in an increasing number of ways.

More choice for consumers means that power is shifting from distribution platforms to content owners. Preserving competition between platforms and across distribution and content services is critical to the future of Connected TV services. In this context, a key aspect will be to ensure that platform providers will be able to continue negotiating content rights as appropriate.

Furthermore, it is vital that Connected TV is not reduced to one technology or standard. There are many technologies at play to create a reliable and user friendly platform for end users. Cable operators always make strategic financial and technology decisions when investing in advanced TV platforms. These investments are made in order to provide end users with the best consumer experience allowing Cable operators to compete in this changing environment.

Regulation, Innovation in the Spotlight at Cable Congress Policy Session

Platform competition, “most effective way of driving progress”

(Brussels, 8 March) Europe will play a leading role in the world’s connected future, according to a panel of experts gathered for a special policy session at Cable Congress in Brussels.

“If you look ahead to the 2020-30 timeframe, we see the EU as a major player in new technologies that will see a transformation of this sector and enable innovative companies, whether they are content or service providers, to be a winner without a vast stock of IP,” said Robert Madelin, Director General, DG INFSO.

Madelin’s comments came amid a lively exchange that covered a number of important policy issues that affect the cable industry. On the subject of the future of state aid, George Serentschy, Chair, Berec, told delegates that he thought platform competition was the most effective way of speeding roll out of next generation networks and increasing take-up rates. Serentschy also mentioned that he did not believe pushing down copper prices would lead to faster roll out of NGA. “I’m very skeptical of linking industrial policy with costing methodologies. We should be very clear that these two things are not interlinked and I don’t believe that costing calculations are good and viable tools to make industrial policy.”


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