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Cable Europe’s 2015 Innovation Award Nominees announced #CableCongress

LogoInnovation is the key to growth, competitiveness and social well-being in this fast changing industry

The Innovation Award aims to recognise the most innovative cable companies that bring new technologies, products or services to market.

The winner will be announced on Day 2 of Cable Congress, only registered attendees will be able to vote – don’t miss out, find out how to attend.

Cable Europe is pleased to announce this year’s three nominations:

  • Cloud video Engine for the realtime generation of interactive channels by R, Syntheractive & Cinfo
  • OptimizAIR by Celeno & Telenet
  • TV Apps on legacy set-top boxes by UPC Hungary, Metrological and ActiveVideo

www.mundo-R.comNominee 1: Cloud video Engine for the realtime generation of interactive channels by R, Syntheractive & Cinfo

R has launched a cloud video encoding platform. This platform can handle hundreds of video inputs, either from the cable tv headend, from the field (mobile cameras, IP cameras) or from stored video libraries. The platform transforms those inputs into thousands of videostreams. Each videostream script is created by a “cloud video app” residing on the servers. Local app in the device is minimised just to sending user keystrokes upstream and DRM protection, if needed.

This Project has been developed in house, through our daughter video company Cinfo in collaboration with a local startup (Syntheractive) and the University of La Coruña.

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celonoNominee 2: OptimizAIR by Celeno & Telenet

Celeno’s innovative OptimizAIR 2.0 enables Telenet to safely turn home routers into community hotspots while ensuring home users continue to receive uninterrupted Wi-Fi service with a high quality of experience. It also provides Telenet with exciting new opportunities to expand their service offering and entice new and existing customers.

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UPC hungaryNominee 3: TV Apps on legacy set-top boxes by UPC Hungary, Metrological and ActiveVideo

Bringing online content to pay-TV subscribers is a win-win for the online and pay-TV industries, but until UPC Hungary teamed up with Metrological and ActiveVideo last summer, no one had been able to do it at scale without the purchase of costly set-top boxes. UPC Hungary worked with its partners to offer over 20 apps on TV via any set-top box in the UPC Hungary subscriber footprint. This has provided UPC Hungary with a powerful new service differentiator that is a world’s-first achievement for cable: the ability to offer an almost limitless source of online content to every subscriber, without the cost and time-to-market that rolling out new set-top boxes would have entailed.

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The winner will be announced on Day 2 of Cable Congress – don’t miss out, find out how to attend.


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