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DOCSIS 3.1: The Countdown Begins…

CABLE CONGRESS 2013 – LONDON. Although talk about DOCSIS 3.1 began only late last year, circumstances will require initial deployments to be made as soon as 2015/16.

According to Ralph Brown, CTO Cablelabs, 1 Gbps downstream premium offers are likely to be available in the US as soon as 2016 and “we would be foolish not to start DOCSIS 3.1 before then.”

He added that the roadmap now envisages specs being issued this year and the first products coming onto the market in 2014 ahead of initial deployments in the following one to two years.

John Chapman, CTO CABU, Cisco Systems, meanwhile said that the specs are currently being developed by experts from Canada, Germany, the UK, France, Israel and US, meeting regularly in Denver.

He emphasised that DOCSIS was developed by the cable industry and 3.1 “can be anything we need it to be.”

3.1 will indeed be able to spectrum share with 3.0, allowing for the blending of new and existing services.

A lot of existing 3.0 software will still be used for 3.1 and only necessary changes will be made, with 3.1 being able to compete effectively with FTTH.

Once up and running, DOCSIS 3.1 will allow for downloads and uploads of up to 10 Gbps and 1 Gbps respectively.

By Chris Dziadul, Broadband TV News – Cable Congress Official Online Partner

Cable Congress 2013: Review by Chris Dziadul, Broadband TV News

Mike Fries live interview on stage at Cable Congress 2013

On the evidence of this year’s Cable Congress, which was held in London on March 5-7, the European cable industry is in much better shape now than at any time since the global financial crisis began in 2008.

However, the challenges it faces, especially in securing new revenue streams in what remains a difficult economic environment, cannot be underestimated.

Take the case of mobile services. In a wide-ranging CNN interview, Mike Fries, Liberty Global’s president and CEO, said it would be important for the company to have a quad play option. After all, telcos do and it is not difficult to achieve, with little capital expenditure required.

However, he then went on to say that Liberty Global has already looked at acquiring mobile companies but found the process hard. Indeed, such companies may have a market share of up to 50-70%, but some mobile subscribers will never take cable services.

Perhaps more tellingly, when pressed Fries conceded that he considered mobile a threat as well as an opportunity.

That was certainly not the view of Ewan Mackay, MD, Cable Industry, EALA, Accenture, who contrasted the problems being faced by the mobile industry, certainly in such areas as the rollout of 4G services, with the manner in which cable has successfully responded to the challenges it faces.

Interestingly, he identified connected home, m Health and B2B sales as accelerated growth areas for cable in the future.

Wi-Fi, too, is also looming on the horizon, thanks in no small part to the activities of such operators as Virgin Media and Ono. The former, according to Kevin Baughan, Director, Metro Wireless, Virgin Media Business, has embarked on its London Underground project – begun ahead of the Olympics last year and still being expanded – due to an interest in Next Generation Wireless. It has also undertaken small cell trials in the cities of Newcastle and Bristol and secured concessions in Leeds and Bradford.

Ono, on the other hand, began a public WiFi trial in Alicante last July. Manuel Sequeira, the company’s director of technology, said that it has been very successful and may now be extended, with “lots of lessons” having been learnt from building access points.


Telenet adds record number of triple play homes

Telenet has added 22,800 new triple play subscribers

Telenet has added 22,800 new triple play subscribers during the third quarter of the year, the highest net addition since Q4 2009. The Belgian operator also reports continued traction for its premium fixed products and bundles in Q3 2012, with 24,000 net new subscribers for broadband internet (+31% yoy), 28,600 for fixed telephony (+71% yoy) and 64,100 for digital TV (+48% yoy).

Revenue of €1,094.3 million in the first nine months of 2012, up 8% yoy, was driven by continued RGU growth, a growing contribution from the company’s mobile business, higher handset sales and selective price increases.  Revenue of €367.3 million achieved in Q3 2012, up 6% yoy, in line with the anticipated lower growth rate for the second half of 2012.

Record 65,500 net new mobile postpaid subscribers were achieved in Q3 2012 thanks to the successful launch of “King” and “Kong” rate plans, resulting in 340,900 active mobile subscribers at Q3 2012 quarter-end.


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