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SOLON REPORT: Broadband on Demand: Cable’s 2020 Vision

Broadband on Demand: Cable’s 2020 Vision

High-quality network infrastructure and broad coverage are regarded as fundamental preconditions for a prospering and growing Europe. To support Europe´s way towards a modern information and knowledge society, the European Commission (EC) consistently drives the development of the broadband market. With the “Digital Agenda for Europe” (referred to as the Digital Agenda), it has now set new ambitious key targets for future broadband development: improved broadband availability and ultra high speed levels, a single digital market, and digital inclusion.

Cable operators provide European citizens with very high speed access to the digital space. Having originally been established to broadcast TV signals, cable operators made substantial investments in modernising their networks to introduce internet capability. At the end of 2010 about 24m households across Europe subscribed to broadband cable internet. A total of 112m households are in the technical footprint of European cable operators and can opt to subscribe to the TV, broadband and telephony packages offered by cable operators.

The European cable industry´s contribution to the Digital Agenda`s argets is outstanding in a whole range of critical areas:


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