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Bundles pay for Ziggo

Ziggo has reported strong EBITDA growth, despite a summer low on marketing

Subscriptions to the operator’s All-in-1 bundle increased by 20,000 on the quarter and 148,000 year-on-year, representing an annual growth of 12.1%. After easing off the All-in-1 campaign during the summer, new marketing activities began in September with a focus on the fourth quarter.

“As marketing activities during the summer period tend to be less effective, we reduced our efforts during the third quarter and started an All-in-1 bundle campaign in September with an emphasis on the fourth quarter,” explained Ziggo CEO Bernard Dijkhuizen. “At the same time, we saw an increase in competition which, in combination with lower marketing efforts, has resulted in a more moderate growth of our All-in-1 bundle subscriptions.”

The success has taken Ziggo into the black at €72.4 million from a net loss of €1.3 million in Q3 2011.


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