In the run-up to Cable Congress 2013 we speak to Martin Kull, CEO of Vestacon about industry priorities for 2013 and big cable opportunities.

Martin KullWhat big technological developments have you seen that have impacted the market in a way that would be visible to the average European consumer? The evolution of high quality and high speed access networks with Cable and Fibre in the clear lead has enabled high speed broadband and with that streaming TV-services. Together with WiFi, TV Everywhere is soon a reality.

From a technology standpoint, what are cable’s priorities for 2013? To take the early VOD deployments to embrace personalization and a true multiscreen experience.

Looking more broadly at strategy, what are some of the big opportunities that you see lie ahead for the European cable industry? Europe is still fragmented when it comes to Over-the-top services, partly due to the many different languages. I see strong opportunities for Cable operators to take the role of an OTT-aggregator – just like Cable aggregated Broadcast services in early days of TV distribution.


Martin will be moderating the CTO PANEL on Day 1 at this year’s Cable Congress.

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