Cable Europe Awards 2013 logoLess than TWO WEEKS remaining until the Cable Europe Awards 2013 entry deadline. As a leader in the cable industry, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your exceptional work.

Categories include:

Cable Europe Fellow Award

This award recognizes the dedication and contribution of an individual to the European cable industry. We need your help in finding the person that stands out as a shining star in one of Cable Europe’s member companies. It’s time to turn the spotlight on that person who embodies what cable is about, who consistently delivers excellence and represents that special talent that is needed in the increasingly competitive European marketplace.

Cable Europe Innovation Award

We want to recognize an amazing project (product, service, technology, organisation, etc) that stands out as a bright spot in helping push cable innovation forward and stay ahead of the customer. Often these kind of ground breaking innovations are the result of a joint project between a cable operator and its partner (vendor, content provider, consultant, etc). The Cable Europe Innovation Award celebrates that shining example of innovation that keeps our industry vital.

Why get involved:

Being a Cable Congress Awards winner is a clear message of excellence, quality, innovation and leadership that will bolster your position in the eyes of your existing and prospective customers, partners, suppliers and competitors. Meet the 2012 Award Winner.

Nominate your company for an award here

The shortlist of nominees will be presented on Day One of Cable Congress, March 5th. The judges are attendees of Cable Congress who will vote for winners on site on the shortlist of nominees on Day Two of Cable Congress, March 6th.

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