Cable services will transition over time to cloud-based infrastructure

Aamir Hussain, Managing Director and CTO of pan-European cableco Liberty Global, on the work needed to prepare for major new gateway product Horizon (launched at IBC last September), and the extra revenue possibilities that IP delivery brings to cable networks.

Can you tell us more about the work needed to prepare Liberty Global’s European networks for Horizon?

The key work it needed was based on a cross-collaborative effort and included the foundation investment in DOCSIS 3.0 infrastructure, investment in home networking capabilities, and Horizon’s platform capabilities to support search, recommendations and personalisation. This was all underpinned by support for cloud infrastructure to rapidly deliver Horizon services to additional markets.

What are the biggest revenue possibilities that IP brings to cable networks?

These will certainly include support for and revenues derived from the growing market for Web applications, IP devices and mobile devices. For example, the number of mobile devices worldwide is projected to grow to 50 billion devices worldwide by 2020: to put that in perspective, there are about 5 billion mobile devices today, in a world of about 7 billion people.

What cable products and services will IP deliver from the cloud in future?

Cable services and products that are today delivered using home gateway devices will transition over time to network capabilities delivered from cloud-based infrastructure. For example, video-on-demand, Digital Video Recording, telephony and other services will enable subscribers to continue using their cable services not only in the home but outside the home.

Conducted by the IP&TV News Team

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