European Forum for Spectrum Coexistence launches first White Paper on spectrum policy

As Commissioner Neelie Kroes made important announcements in Brussels at the 7th Annual European Spectrum Management Conference, Cable Europe, as a member of the European Forum for Spectrum Coexistence (EFSC), launches a white paper on spectrum, Coexistence: The Missing Element in Current Spectrum Policy.

The European Forum for Spectrum Coexistence supports the European Commission’s objectives shared by Member States to harmonize conditions regarding the availability and efficient use of the radio spectrum in the EU. This represents an important component of the wider policy initiative called the “Digital Agenda” and the first Radio Spectrum Policy Programme which was launched by Commissioner Kroes to deliver sustainable economic, social and cultural benefits from Europe’s digital single market. But without coexistence among all components of the electromagnetic ecosystem as a key tenet written into EU rules and regulations, which impact Member States and their citizens, these worthy policy objectives will struggle to become reality.

Europe has witnessed a veritable explosion in usage of digital devices in recent times and European policy makers have recognized the importance of the ubiquitous connectivity offered by the wider ICT industry for both business and consumers.

As a result, the increasing number and variety of radio services has also increased the complexity of spectrum policy coordination across Member States. This poses a challenge for coexistence between equipment and services for both consumers and businesses. The European electromagnetic environment is constantly evolving and requires careful consideration. Thorough impact assessments and fair consultation involving all stakeholders should lead to adapted policy making processes that are needed to ensure ongoing compatibility between new and existing devices and services and to avoid, potential interruption of service due to unwanted interference.

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