Telenet has added 22,800 new triple play subscribers

Telenet has added 22,800 new triple play subscribers during the third quarter of the year, the highest net addition since Q4 2009. The Belgian operator also reports continued traction for its premium fixed products and bundles in Q3 2012, with 24,000 net new subscribers for broadband internet (+31% yoy), 28,600 for fixed telephony (+71% yoy) and 64,100 for digital TV (+48% yoy).

Revenue of €1,094.3 million in the first nine months of 2012, up 8% yoy, was driven by continued RGU growth, a growing contribution from the company’s mobile business, higher handset sales and selective price increases.  Revenue of €367.3 million achieved in Q3 2012, up 6% yoy, in line with the anticipated lower growth rate for the second half of 2012.

Record 65,500 net new mobile postpaid subscribers were achieved in Q3 2012 thanks to the successful launch of “King” and “Kong” rate plans, resulting in 340,900 active mobile subscribers at Q3 2012 quarter-end.

Adjusted EBITDA was up 9% yoy to €589.2 million, underlying margin of 53.8%. In Q3 2012, we generated €202.2 million of Adjusted EBITDA, yielding a margin of 55.1%, which is the highest margin achieved to date.

Net profit was sharply up yoy to €31.1 million despite higher loss on derivatives and amortization charges linked to Belgian football broadcasting rights as last year’s result was impacted by €28.5 million impairment on DTT.

Accrued capital expenditures were €249.8 million, up 22% from €204.0 million a year earlier (excluding acquisition of Belgian football broadcasting rights and 3G mobile spectrum licence), driven by higher success-based capital expenditures in line with the accelerated uptake of digital TV and higher customer installations.

Broadband TV News by Robert Biel

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