Telenet for Business wins the First Cable Europe Innovation Award

The Cable Europe Innovation Award recognizes the very best in innovation, creativity and leadership in the European cable industry. The Innovation Award was won by Telenet for Business in the category Cable operator at Cable Congress 2012. Their successful implementation of the business overlay network and dedicated focus on customer experience for the B2B market didn’t only impress the B2B-market in Belgium and Luxemburg but also the public at Cable Congress. Telenet for Business positioned fiber-coax as the primary access technology in the business segment with speeds up to 100Mbps and was able to significantly grow its revenues in the B2B market segment with double digit growth rates in 2011.

Three companies from three different categories – Cable operator, Technology vendor and Content provider – were nominated for one award. The two other companies nominated by the Cable Europe Programme Committee were HBO with HBO GO in the category Content provider and Intel with Video gateway, a platform for services in the category Technology vendor.

The key criteria for the jury to nominate these three companies were “a distinctive new service, product or project that allows cable to generate new revenue, or differentiate itself strongly from competition”. During Cable Congress the three nominees presented their innovative products and services.

The public has voted for Telenet for Business during the Cable Europe Innovation Award Ceremony. Martine Tempels, Sr. Vice President of Telenet for Business, reaction after winning the Award by commenting: “Thank you very much for this great recognition for our work. Everybody in the audience who works with the B2B-segment knows how hard it must have been to switch from a B2C to a B2B-environment and excel in service quality and reliability for these B2B-customers.”

Next year Cable Congress will continue to celebrate and highlight excellence and good practices in innovation. The cable industry will receive an invitation to put forward their innovative products, services or projects that make a real difference in terms of revenue generation and differentiation on the market. To further increase the participation for next year’s award,  the crowd will be selecting the nominees for the Cable Europe Innovation Award before the congress, where the winner will be chosen by public voting.

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